The fake Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio 38mm watches

Angelo Bonati, chief executive of Panerai, has turned his company’s history of making big watches into a lasting trend. But over the past five to seven years, tastes have changed, and if any company has so far refused to switch to a smaller watch, it is Panerai. It is hard to blame them. As a brand, Panerai has created a military tradition and a 47mm case size. Big-name watches have long been used as part of Panerai’s DNA, using a boring industry cliche. So, this year, Panerai launched a new series of 38mm – this is its first 40 mm reference, the smallest Panerai replica watches ever, which surprised us.

This is the basics. The new 38mm Luminor Panerai replica watch belongs to the current Due line of Panerai, an attractive series that sometimes causes the controversial Panerai Luminor to design a formal dress code. Why controversial? As a result of collectors and Panerai’s long-term features, the waterproof depth is at least 100 meters, as the pursuit of a thinner and more elegant timepiece is sacrificed. In 2016, Luminor Due has two different sizes, automatic 45mm and manual winding 42mm. Now there is a smaller Luminor, which happens to be the smallest wristwatch that Panerai has ever seen. It is also automatic, with three days of power reserve.

Luminor Due is not officially available as a man or woman’s watch. However, according to the color of the wrist watch and short length, we show the watch (I’m using the end of the wrist in this story a pinhole), clearly Panerai expect most Luminor Due to 38 clients are women. I think panerhai might be surprised by the interest men and women show in these watches.

One of the features of Luminor is that its thickness is always thin, and the thickness of the 45mm and 42mm versions is still the same, and its thickness is much lower than the typical value of the copy Panerai watches. This is not the case in 38mm thick new 38mm Luminor Due. This may be because the power supply for the watch is automatic, with a diameter of OPXXXIV. It is a new movement for the panahai, which the company has chosen as a “team sport”, which means it is developed by richemon and can be used by brands within the group. However, the machine has been modified to fit the panahai requirement, which includes three days of power storage and a second hand second hand at nine o ‘clock.

The two stainless steel versions of fake Panerai Luminor Due watches have a closed rear cover here. Reference 3 rose gold with a white dial with cabinets, is a good way to show you how the Panerai adopts the richemont movement (it is said that this is also known as luminaries Clifton Baumatic) and decorate it provides a real Panerai appearance. Rose gold also has a fourth edition, limited edition, with Chinese character Fu on the back.



Panerai Luminor 1950 tourbillon GMT – 50 mm replica watches

For example, it is known for its many variations in its classic Luminor and Radiomir series, and Panerai replica watch is in some cases very complex and extremely limited, involving the brand Carillon Tourbillon Minute Repeater GMT. However, a complicating factor that the Florentine brand has never produced is the moon phase. This year, with the launch of L ‘o-o, this week was launched in SIHH 2018. Moreover, the moon is not what it can offer in a unique style. It’s not a long shot.

The watch full nickname is L ‘Astonomo – Luminor 1950 tourbillon GMT – 50 mm – the moon equation is not only the swiss Panerai watch, with the moon instructions in the first paragraph of the article is also equipped with brand patent the tourbillon regulator, GMT function and the creative date display using polarization crystals. It was launched in 2010, called L ‘Astronomo 1 meter, it combines the tourbillon, calendar, formula, according to the instructions and sunrise/sunset and as this new model, designed to express the Galileo galilei.

The movements of each watch are tailored to the family coordinates of the main person, even taking into account the differences between the earth’s northern and southern hemispheres. The sunrise and sunset time indicates the connection to the local time zone and will be displayed correctly when the owner leaves his home time zone (GMT). According to the time of the year, Best Panerai watch linear equation at 6 o ‘clock time indicator shows the actual time (the time) and the difference between regular time each day, time can range between plus or minus 15 minutes. Of course, all of these functions of the moon and astronomy can be traced back to the pioneering genius of the Galileo model of Panerai in Florence, Italy.

Calibre P.2005 / GLS USES Panerai’s patented tour-flywheel adjuster system – due to the hollow of the machine core, both the front and back of the watch can see that the rotation of the tourbillon is different from the traditional type. In the classic tourbillon, the balancing cage itself spins continuously to offset any changes caused by gravity and possible shocks. In the Panerai mechanism, the stand is rotated on the axis of the uneven line, perpendicular to the balance. In addition, the hold in the panaea system rotates once every 30 seconds, instead of rotating every minute like most other tourbillons. This rapid rotation is visible in a small second hand counter at 9 o ‘clock. According to Panerai Replica Swiss Movement, the higher speed and special arrangement of the mechanical device enables the regulator to compensate the rate changes more effectively, thus ensuring the ideal timing accuracy. As there is no traditional dial watch, so all the elements will appear in the movement on the dial or flange, and through the bottom cover can see two used to hold the watch four day power reserve of spring tube, read the installation on the movement of the wearer power reserve indicator.